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Shareholders Notice on Pomona City

Following the issuance of a High Court judgment in the matters between Fairclot Investments (Private) vs Augur Investments OU and 3 Others HC 10315/19 AND Augur Investments (Pvt) Limited vs Fairclot Investments HC 5989/19 consolidated under judgment number HH282-23, which affected the rights of WestProp and its subsidiaries in respect of Stand 654 Pomona Township held under Deed of Grant No. 2884/10, a notice of appeal was filed today with the Supreme Court under reference SC 271- 23.

Consequently, the operation of the Court order referred to above has been suspended by operation of the law due to the filing of a Notice of Appeal SC 271- 23 to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Shareholders are advised that adequate contingencies have been put in place should the appeal not be successful. Nevertheless, the Company is confident that there shall be no negative impact on our stakeholders, customers and shareholder value.